Manatee mobile app screenshotsManatee mobile app screenshots

Improving students' performance


The Department of Behavioral Economics at UCSD and CMU engaged with us to understand how to automate collection and processing of data for a research project in time for the Spring semester kick off.

We partnered to define, design, build and launch a mobile application across both iOS and Android for the research study with the goal of helping students to improve their academic performance.

The app syncs and leverages data from Fitbit API generated by students. This enabled us to deliver sleep reminders and rewards based on a set of configurable parameters. We also implemented a multi-variant test mechanic to see how different students react to different types of rewards.


In a short time frame, we enabled the universities to onboard students, and set up a solid foundation to run the study for a period of 3 years, as well as collect and process data generated at scale.

In addition, we provided monitoring and support to ensure smooth operations.


Definition, Design, API development, UI development, iOS and Android distribution

Tech Stack

React Native, Node.js, Postgres, Digital Ocean


4 weeks

Silvia Saccardo

“They thoughtfully guided us throughout the design and development process, and delivered at speed. Great partners. Highly recommended.”

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